what sets Gate-E apart

Innovative & unique comprehensive E-payment solution


High Security Standards

We care about every single detail with regards of security and privacy, that encourges the trust of our partners and customers. Therefore, we depend on multi levels of advanced security mechanisims such as AES-128 and AES-256 and secuirty systems enhanced with protection and firewalls.


Payments Acceptance

Proud to say that Gate-E is the first and only payment gateway in the Middle-East of this kind that provides a unified E-Payment solution that has been developed in an innovative techniques, to allow acceptance of all different kinds of payments locally & internationally. In addition to, the integration with various local & international payment gateways, with full support & control of each payment gateway independetly & flexibly.


Flexibility and continuous improvement

Modern technology built 100% in-house, developed in a unique and creative way that allow us to have high potentials to growth and cope with rapid market fluctuation. In addition to, high understandability of the market and customers needs.

Accepting payments is easier than ever

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Top Services

Our services were brightly invented to give a unique and whole experience in the field of E-payment




See the most frequently asked questions

You can subscribe to the Gate E E-payment service through the registration page with an easy and simple steps, and you can also communicate with the sales team and obtain the required instructions with the steps.

The commercial or virtual registry is one of the main requirements for obtaining the service, and activating the service requires the availability of some supporting documents related to the application, such as a copy of the commercial register and a copy of the applicant's ID. You can also communicate with the sales team and get the required instructions with the steps.

We offer a wide range of integration options with local and international payment gateways, for example K-Net, Benefit, Benefit pay, Visa, Mastercard, Amarican Express, JCB, Apple Pay, Paypal, etc. We also support more than 400 banks around the world in more than 120 countries.

Comprehensive integrated solutions

We have an innovative system that is professionally designed to meet the needs of the business sector, banks and financial institutes at the same time

Business Sector

Comprehensive and whole solutions that meet the needs of the business sector


Bank Sector

Innovative solutions directed to banks and financial institutions